Data on the web

There are several approaches to represent data using Python on a web page (see WebProgramming).

Another interesting article about this is "Choosing a Templating System".


Different approaches lead to different design decisions. Often it is the principal reason that new template systems get invented:


Some presentation systems fall neatly into the categories above. Others are less easy to classify but have a closer association to one category than the others.






Feel free to add more abstract descriptions and more examples to help people decide what they are looking for!

Do you need to use full-fledged python, embedded bits of definitions but no functions -- there is a range of options depending on your problem. Sometimes there's no python in "the output page" -- as in raw documents put thru a filter. Or there may be limited amounts of embedded python -- as in YAPTU and other filters. Or python may be the matrix language, with text embedded within it. Your handler code can be anything from a substituter (using, say, regular expressions to catch things to be altered) to a mini python engine. See 'Python Journal 3(1)' a feature article that draws together several of the options above into a series on the pure-text to pure-python "dimension". See what your options are.

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