A framework for WebProgramming.




0.10.5 (2007-07-12)

derived from the Apache Software License v1.1

Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, others
Python versions
1.5.2, 2.2

Deployment Platforms

CGI, PyApache, Apache 1.3.x Module


Fast python prototyping through high volume custom sites. Designed during the development of onelist.com, egroups.com, and Yahoo! Groups.

Includes CGI utility kit, page handling and form-submission pattern superclass, object to relational database mapping kit (odb.py), and transparent language extraction and translation management tool (trans.py).

Python/Clearsilver/CGI/CSPage/odb example project at http://www.neomason.com/netcon

C/Clearsilver in use at http://www.wunderground.com/

Development Interfaces

Ruby, C/C++, Python, Perl, and Java interfaces available.

Environment Access

Full CGI environment is pre-loaded into the template dataset so it is accessable from template code or program code in a unified manner.

Session, Identification and Authentication

Easy support for setting/reading Cookies and request information

Persistence Support

Presentation Support

ClearSilver is a templating system designed for HTML. Helps enforce split between presentation and application.


ClearSilver is a fast and powerful HTML templating system.

ClearSilver is language neutral, allowing you to seamlessly mix Ruby, C, C++, Python, Perl, Java, PHP, and any other programming language you use, all in the same site, or even the same page.

ClearSilver is fast, avoiding the problems created by language-specific template systems written in slow script languages such as Python or Perl.

ClearSilver is easy to use. Unlike XML/XSLT, which are complicated to setup and understand. You'll quickly find that ClearSilver is the easiest way to develop dynamic webpages.



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