A framework for WebProgramming.




1.1.1 (Date: 2013-01-18)

Old-style Python licence - Webware is open source.

Webware works on UNIX, Windows and OpenVMS platforms.
Python versions
2.0 and up

Deployment Platforms


In practice, Webware requires a Web server in order to be deployed, but to start out as a developer it is fairly straightforward to set up the supplied CGI adapter program to communicate with the WebKit component of Webware. Should other means of integration be chosen later, such as adapters or even the standalone server features, Webware components and applications need not be aware of such changes in deployment.

The need to run the WebKit component's application server process continually excludes Webware from certain hosting environments. It is possible to use a OneShot CGI-based mechanism to launch the application server for each request, but performance is very poor.

Development Interfaces

Environment Access

Session, Identification and Authentication

Persistence Support

Presentation Support

Other presentation systems also exist for Webware.


Webware is relatively easy to install and comes with a reasonable amount of documentation. One of the stated strengths of Webware is that the development and deployment of code takes place in an environment that is familiar to anyone who has already developed Python applications before - in most cases, files need only to be placed in certain WebKit "context" directories. Webware application development therefore seems more familiar to those experienced with writing CGI programs than systems working according to different principles (such as Zope), but arguably lends itself less to a "component exchange culture" (as seems to be the case with Zope). -- PaulBoddie

Webware does not try to subsume the Python language and environment. Whenever possible, pieces of Webware are independent of each other, and it is recommended that developers use Python facilities as much as possible. There is no added syntax (except in the optional PSP component) and the interfaces are relatively minimal. -- IanBicking

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