A framework for WebProgramming.

What It Is

SkunkWeb is a scalable, extensible, and easy-to-use Web application server written in Python. It is designed for handling both high-traffic sites and smaller sites. Its features include a powerful component model and an elegant templating language that encourages component-based design, highly configurable caching (on disk and/or in memory) of compiled templates and component output, message catalog support for i18n, and remote component calls. It can be used with Apache via an Apache module, or it can serve HTTP requests directly.



http://www.skunkweb.org (main site, but domain expired); http://wiki.skunkweb.org (SkunkWeb Wiki)


3.4.0 (2004-09-10)


your choice of GPL or the SkunkWeb License (a BSD license).


SkunkWeb works on UNIX platforms, including Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X, Solaris, HPUX, and on Windows with the Cygwin environment (the latter is not recommended for production).

Python versions
2.1.1 and later (some optional libraries require 2.2 or later)

Deployment Platforms


The requirement for Web server adapter integration, or the running of a standalone server, rules SkunkWeb out for more limited hosting environments. However, where such deployment is possible, the performance should be satisfactory, given that this is clearly a priority of the developers.

Development Interfaces

Environment Access

Session, Identification and Authentication

Persistence Support

Presentation Support


The SkunkWeb archive package contains formatted documentation (HTML, PostScript, PDF and DVI); the latest version can always be downloaded, from http://skunkweb.sourceforge.net/. The installation process is somewhat more involved than with other packages, but should be straightforward enough to anyone used to installing GNU autoconf-based packages.

The SkunkWeb developers emphasise performance and give caching, process forking and template precompilation as features which differentiate SkunkWeb from other frameworks and application servers; internationalisation using message catalogues is another feature which other frameworks do not provide or emphasise highly. Unlike many Python-based frameworks, Until version 3.4b3, SkunkWeb was licensed solely under the GPL, at which some in the community caviled; it is now also available under a BSD-style license.

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