Web addresses like http://www.python.org are converted to a link.


[DIFF] 13:55 [INFO] Pratul1997 [1-3]
[DIFF] 07:53 [INFO] SteveHolden
[DIFF] 18:44 [INFO] GilesThomas [1-23]
MatsWichmann [24-25]
#01 Tweak to PythonAnywhere info
#02 Canities Wiki Hosting now goes to a domain registrar's holding page
#03 Tweaked PythonAnywhere wording
#04 WebNet Hosting appears do be dead
#05 PHP error on front page of "UK Dedicated Hosting", presumed dead.
#06 Wikihosting.nl has a 404 on the front page, presumed dead
#07 Sonologic has shut down.
#08 Removed a host that appears to have become a SAP consultancy
#09 Quaxim domain no longer exists
#10 Hub-Hub is now a non-technical "create my own website" page, no indication that Python is supported.
#11 High Speed Rails no longer exists
#12 Diginode Networks no longer seems to exist
#13 DjangoDomain no longer seems to exist :-(
#14 http://www.devisland .net/
#15 Fix to previous change
#16 CornerHost has been taken over by spammers
#17 Computer Frontiers is now just an apache default page
#18 Centada domain no longer exists
#19 Amaze no longer appears to do hosting -- all about recruitment
#20 ZyrixHost now goes to a domain registrar's holding page
#21 Removed 30loops -- appears to have been abandoned and the domain has been taken over by spammers
#22 Removed extra RSHosting links
#23 Removed duplicated INGATE
[DIFF] 18:43 [INFO] GilesThomas [1]
MatsWichmann [2]
#01 Removed excess bracket
[DIFF] 18:00 [INFO] BrettCannon Remove a dead link
[DIFF] 16:41 [INFO] GilesThomas [1-2] #02 Updated Python version list for PythonAnywhere
[DIFF] 14:59 [INFO] ShivankGautam PyJaipur WikiPage
[DIFF] 14:29 [INFO] ShivankGautam [1-3] #02 HomePage
[DIFF] 10:46 [INFO] ShivankGautam
[DIFF] 13:51 [INFO] PacktPublishing
[DIFF] 16:49 [INFO] kantal [1-3] #03 A new book is added.
[DIFF] 15:01 [INFO] jodlowska2
[DIFF] 09:45 [INFO] Ed Schofield Add Sam's type annotations talk for Oct
[DIFF] 15:22 [INFO] SteveHolden
[DIFF] 14:31 [INFO] PacktPublishing [1]
PacktPublishing [2]
[DIFF] 09:33 [INFO] StevePiercy Add WebTest from the Pylons Project


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