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[DIFF] 13:35 [INFO] MatsWichmann Revert unintended change between r30 and r31: the typo was intentional, as it illustrates a point.
[DIFF] 16:58 [INFO] rosuav
[DIFF] 17:50 [INFO] SamHuang [1]
JaraKaca [2]
#01 Added "Ultimate Python study guide" and "Awesome Python"
#02 Resources: Fix Python Koans link
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JaraKaca [2]
#02 Remove spammy dead link FindPythonJobs_com
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lewis [2]
#01 added blog Python in Windows.
#02 Aggiunta del blog L'eucalipto
[DIFF] 05:00 [INFO] TianGao [1-2] #02 Add VizTracer to the tool list
[DIFF] 12:39 [INFO] MalcolmSmith Redirect to GuiProgramming
[DIFF] 18:47 [INFO] ChrisM Add Github repository for people to share their own one-liners
[DIFF] 14:46 [INFO] RyanDutton Recently inactive Python Papers periodical moved to inactive section


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