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[DIFF] 08:47 [INFO] MarcAndreLemburg [1-2]
[DIFF] 01:57 [INFO] AtmanAn
[DIFF] 01:57 [INFO] AtmanAn Add: to translate.
[DIFF] 13:44 [INFO] NatDunn [1-2] #01 Fix table
#02 Remove past classes and add Webucator classes.
[DIFF] 13:37 [INFO] NatDunn Update Webucator listing
[DIFF] 19:19 [INFO] eriky fix spelling here and there, alphabetical order
[DIFF] 00:32 [INFO] AtmanAn
[DIFF] 00:31 [INFO] AtmanAn
[DIFF] 15:29 [INFO] OliviaSauls
[DIFF] 05:58 [INFO] PhilippSimon Add dbus-next library to the list
[DIFF] 16:49 [INFO] MalcolmSmith [1-2] #01 Remove projects which have been inactive for over 10 years
#02 Update Chaquopy
[DIFF] 16:43 [INFO] MalcolmSmith [1-2] #01 Highlight second-level headings
#02 Indicate that BeeWare's Android support is now based on Chaquopy, and remove "open-source" column since all projects are now open-source
[DIFF] 18:41 [INFO] mtreinish Add links to Python documentation setup and usage guide.
[DIFF] 16:18 [INFO] MatsWichmann
[DIFF] 04:33 [INFO] SonnyLi [1]
AtmanAn [2]
#01 The list isn't in alphabetical order for Python Land.
#02 Add Chinese text


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