Python wishlist

Core Python 2 flaws.

Missing features of community development process.

PEP process improvements.


Component wishlist

Public domain or MIT preferred.

Ideas open for the taking

Open Source artists wanted (credits available):

GSoC/Help needed for tools that support Python development:

Just a list:

steAm and SMArt (dealing with complexity)

Canvas2D ideas:

Dynamic data visualization examples:

Human Language Translation Table

Explicit is better than implicit. doesn't apply to humans, apparently.




it's annoying, urgent, really serious


humans don't like serious issues, remove

fix it ASAP


humans read it as a direct command, become aggravated, remove

you're wrong

I'm not sure that's a good idea

humans don't like to be wrong, become demotivated

X suxx

I think Y would be a better solution that X

humans attached to X don't like when X suxx, but may like Y

X suxx

X is great, but..

humans attached to X may get outrageous to hear that X suxx


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