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 * [http://advocacy.dfwpython.org/@@/collaterals/ Document Library]  * [http://advocacy.python.org/@@/collaterals/ Document Library]
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 * WellKnownPythonPrograms - you may already be using Python!
 * LanguageComparisons - Python Compared to Other Languages
 * [http://pythonology.org/mailman/listinfo/marketing-python Marketing-Python mailing list] (center of the Python Advocacy community)
 * [http://pythonology.org/ Pythonology: A Site for Python Advocacy] (success stories, how-tos, press list, and more)
 * [http://www.python.org/doc/Summary.html Executive Summary] ("What is Python?")
 * [http://py-howto.sourceforge.net/advocacy/advocacy.html Python Advocacy HOWTO]
 * [http://www.cafepy.com/article/53/ Python Marketing] Yet another article collecting quotes and facts pointing to explosive growth of Python in the enterprise.
 * PythonAdvocacyInScientificComputation
 * And if you think that Python programs run slowly, please read PythonSpeed where some of the issues related to speed are discussed.
 * Python23Release (preparation of PR and marketing message for Python 2.x Release)
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WellKnownPythonPrograms - you may already be using Python!

Advocacy Resources

Please send me (advocate at python dot org) any files that might be useful for giving out at user groups or business meetings.

Existing material appears (also) at ["evangelism_support_materials"] and PromotingPythonBof. Note [http://psf.pollenation.net/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/ticket/160].

General Notes

Advocacy is the process of letting people know what Python is good at, and drawing them into using the language. The most effective forms of advocacy lure users to the language by impressing them with results, rather than brow beating or lecturing them on language design.

Published articles that answer the question "how do I solve X with Python?" are a good way to get people interested.

One goal for writing articles might be to develop a library of How-Tos for Python. Much information exists, but it has not been collected for convenient access from python.org (or another central location), and there are certainly gaps in covering key strengths of Python.

A collection of [http://python.org/about/success Python Success Stories] already exists. These are also useful, usually by helping engineers convince their bosses that Python is worthy of attention. But success stories tend to be lean on "how-to" style information, so they do not offer a convenient path to get new users working with Python.

Since the goal for advocacy is to highlight Python's strengths, [http://wingware.com/python this Key Strengths list] may be useful.

We would like to focus on those magazines outside the Python community, in order to reach those who don't know about us. Also there are many magazines that accept press releases that do not accept articles. We need those that welcome articles.

Electronic Magazines that Accept Technical Articles

For active discussion on advocating for Python, please join the mailing list at [http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/advocacy]


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