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Promoting, pushing, proslytizing Python. Some possible topics -

If you are interested in continuing discussion or helping to develop promotional materials (articles, glossy brochures, pod casts, etc) for Python, please sign up on the mailing list:



Notes from the session

PSF has a strong desire to promote the language.

Apache Software Foundation

Getting into educational world

Many current Python users are invisible - don't see them in community

Create a list of speakers that could present on Python

Need a template/example of a "standard" evangelical talk

Make screencasts

Form regional scripting language conferences still not newbie-friendly - upcoming restructuring should help

PSF fund productivity studies?

"Success stories" - several are at

Details on solving specific types of problems with Python (try this approach, these modules, case studies specific to that problem)

Software companies make glossy brouchures, managers like and expect that...

Testimonials on Subversion website helped it

Articles are a good introductory format - get them published in journals (Dr. Dobbs, etc.) - don't neglect trade journals, ACM's special-interest publications

Please follow these ideas up on the mailing list!


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