Located in Dallas, my background is in software development for Zope2, Zope3, Twisted, Numeric, ZODB, a bit of Quixote and Durus, and psycopg/Postgre`SQL. I also am experienced in extending Python using C/C++, most recently to hook Python into the Cepstral/Festival Lite speech synthesis engine and real time ALSA audio playback.

Organizationally I started the DFW Pythoneersuser group, the affiliated Python meetup group, am an officer in the DFW Unix user group, cyberarchivist of Sunless-Sea Xanadu siteand organizer of the North Texas Xanadu hypertext meetup group. I also worked with the local group to bring PyCon 2005 to Dallas and will be co-chair for PyCon 2006, also in Dallas.

I'm a self-employed consultant and have worked in robotics, monetary currency recognition/processing, security and packaging of Red Hat RPMs.

Python is my preferred language and what I do for fun.


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