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Four Day Zope / Python Sprint June 28 to July 1

The CanDo project will be holding its Summer kick off Sprint from Thursday, June 28th through Sunday, July 1, at the Arlington Career Center. Folks from the Zope / Python communities interested in joining us are welcome. Please contact either Alex Clark ( aclark at aclark dot net ) or Jeff Elkner ( jeff at elkner dot net ) if you would like to attend.

Dates and times are:

Future Date/times


Arlington Career Center
816 South Walter Reed Drive
Arlington, VA

Google Maps link

Career center map and directions (PDF)

The Career Center has a parking lot of its own; parking is free.

Only one of the automatic doors is operating on weekends; take the rightmost door.

The sprint is in the Engineering lab; straight ahead on entering the building.

Bus lines (from

Thanks to Jeff Elkner and Dave Welsh for arranging the sprint space.


Please add what you'd like to work on to this section.


SchoolTool ( is a school information system written with Python and Zope3. CanDo is a student competency application built on SchoolTool.


Add your name here if you'll be attending the June sprint.

  1. JeffreyElkner (GASP documentation)

  2. WilliamJohnston (SEPG)

  3. BrittneyNguyen (SEPG)

  4. Eldar Omuraliev (CanDo)

  5. AlanElkner (CanDo)

  6. JamesHancock (GASP)

  7. PreetamDsouza (GASP)

  8. FilipSufitchi (CanDo)

  9. ThomasDoggette (stAgent)

  10. Will Dickerson (stAgent)
  11. Mary Linnell (Lore)
  12. Stephen Drodge (Lore)
  13. Mounika Garlapati (Lore)
  14. Chris Beacham
  15. LindaHuynh (Cando, not on Sun)

  16. MatthewGallagher (whatever the day brings)

  17. Andrew Rodriguez
  18. Masood Malekghassemi
  19. Jama Mohamed

Sprint Accomplishments: January 20, 2007

The following new Python developers made presentations of their projects from the previous month:

  1. MatthewGallagher (Gasp)

  2. William Johnston and Brittney Nguyen (War Card Game)
  3. David Cooper and Bao Vuong (Xtreme Blackjack)
  4. Andrew Rodriguez and Stephen Drodge (Contract Bridge)
  5. Mary Linnell and Mounika Garlapati (Hangman)
  6. Preetam D'Souza and Chris Carey (Alien Invaders)
  7. Masood M., Jama M., and Filip S. (Chat Program)
  8. Shitaye Mamo and Selamawit Mamo (Rocking Image Styles!)
  9. Thomas Doggette and Chris Beacham (TED chat bot)

Sprint Accomplishments: December 16, 2006

Sprint Accomplishments: November 18, 2006

Sprint Accomplishments: October 21, 2006

Sprint Accomplishments: September 23, 2006

Sprint Accomplishments: July 28-30, 2006

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