5-Minutes With Python: A Video Series

Remember being inspired [1] by the original Rails Creating a weblog in 15 minutes video, and again by Kevin Dangoor's 20-Minute Wiki screencast? Or these new short Rails videos. Well let's create a series of ten 5-minute videos showing off our favorite language, Python!

The aim is to show the breadth of possibilities that Python offers, to inspire the viewer and make it just a bit easier to spread the word. Programmers new to or skeptical about Python can easily be pointed to the video pages. Such content will certainly do the rounds in the blogosphere.

[1]References to Ruby are included to provide examples of video techniques.

Science with Python
coupling matplotlib inside a wxPython GUI to do science
couple a MySQL db through SQLObject into a Python program to access/edit data
build a simple game (with Phil of GalCON fame?)
build a whizzy 3d demo
Make 'Excel' with wxPython
using the csv module and a wx grid to build a simple Excel clone
Bullet-proof web sites with Twill
use Twill and nosetests to test a running website
A Content Management System
5 minutes customising Plone to fit usual use-cases
using the win32 library to export a Word or Excel file
Image Manipulation
using the Python Image Library (PIL)

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