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With the PSF Community Relations we aim at creating closer bindings with the world-wide Python communities.

One of the ways we're trying to do this is by showing more presence at international Python conferences and moving the spending side from conference grants more towards signing up for sponsorships which allow us to present the PSF at the conference using the conference kits we created in the last few months and which are slowly being extended to include more versatile setups as well:

Another way is to have regional PSF representatives which can help give the PSF a closer relation to local groups. We're trying to find such representatives and work out a strategy for the local representation with them.

Conference Kits

The conference kit for South America is managed locally by Luciano Ramalho and Mariano Reingart.

The conference kit for North America is managed by Jesse Noller. It will be used for the upcoming PyCon US 2013. Please contact Ewa if you're interested in helping with staffing the PSF booth.

We will be creating more of the portable smaller popup display kits that Ewa used for PyCon ZA 2012. To reduce shipping costs, we'll have some produced in the US and some in Europe.

For more details on the kits, please have a look at the conference kit wiki page:

Local PSF Representation

After the last PSF meeting at EuroPython, Duncan McGreggor has kindly initiated a discussion with the Indian Python community. We will be following up with this and hope to arrange one of the first regional representations there. Progress so far has been slow on this due to many other PSF activities.

Events Calendars

In order to make it easier for the community to find Python related events, I've setup a team of volunteers to manage two new event calendars. One for larger events and another one for smaller events:

The calendars are displayed on the site and in the sidebar of

Details about the calendars are available on the wiki page we have for them:

Python Job Board

The job board has been running for many years now. Most of the time the maintenance was done by a single person. Since Chris Withers left to work on other things, the project has been having problems getting up to speed again.

We've therefore kicked off a new project to have a larger team of volunteers get the job board app and the review process working in a sustainable and productive way.

Details about the project can be found on the team wiki page:


The budget the board approved for the conference kits is fully used up. I'll have to propose a budget position for marketing activities.

Future plans

Have more conference kits for e.g. India, Australia and Asia.

Have more lightweight kits to enable easy ad-hoc setups.

Have more marketing material readily available.

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