PSF Conference Kit

Regional Conference Kits

The PSF has several large conference kits which can be used to present the PSF at local conferences to easily setup a professional PSF booth.


The kits are made available in these regions (see below for more details):

Creating the kits was a joined effort by Armin Stross-Radschinski and Marc-Andre Lemburg in 2012. Please contact MarcAndreLemburg for questions regarding the kits.

Conference Kit for Europe

Contact for the kit: Stephane Wirtel < >

Current location of the kit: Belgium - Stephane Wirtel < >

Next events:

Past events:


Contact for the kit: MarcAndreLemburg < >

Events log:

Shipping Log:

Conference Kit for North America

Betsy and Ewa have PSF branded table clothes and pop ups.

This kit was given to Younggun in 2016.

Next events:

Past events:


Conference Kit for South America

Current location of the kit: Mário Sérgio < >

Next events:

Past events:


Conference Kit for East Asia

Contact for the kit: Younggun Kim < >

Next events:

Past events:

Conference Kit for Africa

Current location of the kit (kit will be available in August 2017): Marlene Mhangami < >

Next events:

Kit contents

Each kit contains:

The kits are packaged in a black sports trolley bag with measurements roughly 100x40x40cm. Each kit weighs about 17kg, which leaves room for extra marketing material up to the usual 20kg limit for baggage on a plane.

Ordering more large conference kits

The kits were ordered from the German vendor Flyeralarm using the PDF Large-PSF-Display-Flyeralarm.pdf for the display and the PDF PSF-Round-Table-Cloth-Flyeralarm.pdf for the cocktail table slip covers.

Setup instructions for the kit

Please follow these instructions when setting up or taking down the kit:

Care has to be taken when doing this, since we would like to reuse the kit for a while, if possible.

When preparing the kit for travel or shipping, please make sure that the original packaging equipment is used. This makes it less likely that something get damaged.

If something does get damaged, please inform MarcAndreLemburg. It may be possible to send replacement material.

Carry-on Kits

The regional kits are not always easy to ship to conferences and since we only have one such kit per region, scheduling shipments, etc. may also result in problems getting the kit to the conferences on time.

In order to be more flexible, we're currently investigating having several smaller L-display kits available. These are kits which only weigh 3-4kg and come with a carry-on bag to easily take to conferences on plane, car, train, etc.

To test drive the setup, we've created one such kit for PyCon ZA 2012, which Ewa has attended. Turns out, the kit is easy to use and can be taken on a plane without problems.


The kits were created by Marc-Andre Lemburg based on the design of the larger display. Please contact MarcAndreLemburg for questions regarding the kits. They cost around EUR 65-70 each.

Available Carry-on Kits

The following members have carry-on kits:

Ordering more carry-on kits

The kits were ordered from the German vendor Flyeralarm using the PDF PSF-L-Display-Flyeralarm.pdf.

Using the kits

Here's the EU kit in action at EuroPython 2012:


Marketing material and swag for the conference kits

If you would like stickers for the kit event, please contact and she will order them to be shipped to you from Sticker Mule.

Available marketing material:

Link to dropbox:

Common questions asked at the booth


Getting the kits through customs

In most cases, there are no duties to pay, so customs is usually not much of a problem. If not, customs may ask you for a Customs Tariffs Number (CN number) or Harmonized System (HS) number for each of the goods.

These are the numbers I found that match the things in the regional kit (there are certainly other classifications possible as well, but I'm no expert on those):

Stickers and flyers


If focus is placed on the printed display cloth:

If focus is placed on the aluminum display frame:

Table cloth

Customs duties and VAT

Customs duties are usually between 0-8% of the customs value. The latter can be estimated and since all of the kits are used materials, should sum up to around USD 300-500.

If customs needs some kind of invoice, the PSF can create a pro-forma invoice with PSF letterhead, outlining the figures.

In rare cases, import VAT will also apply. The percentage and procedure depends on the country of destination. Since the kits will usually only be used for a single event, VAT will be refunded when exporting the kit again and so can often be avoided altogether by filling out some forms (customs will likely have those available).

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