PSF Python Job Board

This page describes the PSF Python Job Board which is run by volunteers to provide the Python community with an important resource to find jobs where they can use Python.

Job board process

Job submissions are entered into a web form, the form creates a database record which is then used for review. After approval the Django site will then list the submissions automatically.

  1. Job submitters log in to the website (after having registered for an account)

  2. Submitters create a job posting record

  3. Submissions are checked against a list of quality criteria by the reviewers using the review panel; see the /Reviewers page for details on the review process

  4. Submissions which need refinement are rejected together with a note mentioning the reason for rejection (using the "review" button on the review panel).
  5. Good submissions are approved and then automatically listed on the job board page in order of submission date (in most recent first order)

Job postings are automatically unlisted after 90 days. They can also be removed or archived manually using the Django database interface by setting the job listing status setting to removed.


Project organization

The job board team has decreased a lot due to the long project run time. We will launch with a small team of reviewers:

Issues we find are posted to the site's issue tracker

The job board team itself will not focus on the development anymore for the time being.

Mailing list

The volunteers use a mailing list to coordinate:

The list gets all email sent to In the previous system, job postings were sent in via email. This is no longer necessary and new submissions should only be done via the web interface.

The jobs app will send notification about new postings to this list, so that reviewers get notified of new submissions.

If you want to help in the job board team, please write to

Here's the mailing list archive:

Relaunch Project

In the years before the relaunch, the jobs board was run by single volunteers. Since the load had increased a lo and the last volunteer, Chris Withers, had left the project, the PSF wanted to replace the jobs board with a team of volunteers using a database driven integrated jobs app.

From 2014 to 2015, a team of volunteers worked to relaunch the job board using a jobs app on the new website (which was launched in 2014).

The relaunch project page is still available: /Relaunch Project



Note: The jobs app used to run under the temporary URL /newjobs/ during development. This has now been changed back to /jobs/.


Note: The jobs app used to run under the temporary URL /newjobs/ during development. This has now been changed back to /jobs/.

The staging system can be used to check new developments.

Web site administration

Web site code base

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