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This wiki contains public pages, as well as pages which are only meant to be accessible by PSF Voting Members. See below on whether you are eligible for getting access to the private wiki pages as well. Some sections are additionally reserved for PSF Board use (not accessible by general PSF members).

See the main table of contents page for the real beef.

The Python wiki (open to the public) is here.

Information about the Python Software Foundation is here.

Information for new PSF members

IMPORTANT: Full editing access to this wiki is restricted to members of the PSF with voting rights. "Basic Members" do not have access to this wiki beyond what we make available to general public (which is a lot).

Information for new PSF Voting Members

Please note that an account is required to log into this wiki for editing and to be able to read pages which are reserved to voting members. In order to get access, you need to create a profile, and then write to the wiki admins (e.g. to get your user name added to the MembersGroup page.

Once you have a wiki account, please also check out the Info for new PSF members page to get signed up for mailing lists and other resources.

Purpose of this wiki

The purpose of this wiki is as a space for collaborative editing:

  • to manage PSF working groups;
  • for initial internal development of proposals and plans, that may not yet be ready to be shared with the world at large;
  • to arrive at an internal consensus before taking an official position;
  • for sensitive and confidential information; and
  • to serve as an archive of projects we decided not to pursue and the reasons why not.

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