See also PromotingPythonBof and Advocacy.

PSF chairman Stephan Deibel aptly observed that these are "needed:

This Wiki page is where we'll start to flesh out Stephan's outline. Note, for example, AMK's slides for a talk on the Python development process.

Here is the outline from my slides (the ones I attempted to show at PyCon 2005 except my laptop didn't work w/ the projector). The slides are also available in Powerpoint format and OpenOffice format:

* Cover Page:

* What is the PSF? (Slide 1)

* What is the PSF? (Slide 2)

* What is the PSF? (Slide 3)

* What can I do?

MAL writes: "

AMK observes that, "It might be worth creating a customized version of the S5 slide stylesheets so that PSF presentations can have a consistent look." (This work is now in progress.)

Also available, on request: both Stephan (through the psf-volunteers list) and evangelism support materials czar Cameron Laird maintain a list of volunteers at least occasionally available to speak on Python, sorted by locale (DC, Seattle, Texas, Central America, and so on).

Other highlights I want to elaborate: Pythonology; language comparisons; presentation tips; PBF ...; Greg's eShop story; ...

(also, more hyperlinks)


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