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pydotorg Improvement Ideas

This page collects suggestions for improving the PythonWebsite, this wiki and related tools.

Discussion of various bits around Python websites takes place on the following mailing lists:

General Web site (architecture, design, integration)


Bug tracker


Package index


Development workflow

Core Workflow topic on Discourse

Please choose the correct list, and try not to cross-post.

A bigger picture

Improving a web site is a process of enhancing user experience so that information is found faster and easier. Major things that need improvement can be obvious to many people, but they may seem like tasks of epic proportions, too big for an individual to consider tackling on their own. For example, implementing single sign-on for all Python services, OpenID support, an online editor for docs - these are all non-trivial tasks that require knowledge of the existing site architecture and access to the site code and supporting tools. There are also features that matter to everyone personally, and these are not obvious for everyone else: an automatic subscription to Wiki pages upon editing, various design improvements.

But the process of improvement has to solicit feedback in order to capture ideas about areas of improvement, and this channel for feedback should be easy to reach and visible to others. An example of such a channel is the online manual comments that one sees in the documentation for technologies such as PHP, MySQL (example) and PostgreSQL.

A lot of information causes frustration: that's why people prefer Twitter to Blogger. Too much "inventory" in the room makes it hard to navigate and notice things that are needed. The process of cleanup should involve throwing unused stuff away, leaving relevant and updated information in place. Naturally, the Wiki has accumulated lots of arguably unused and dated pages, but various pages are affected as well. Too much information reduces the "fun factor": a separate status page will help people see what's going on and let them have more fun by focusing their work and enabling them to work together with others.


Web Site

Note: we should probably review these, see which ones are still problems and file them on GitHub, and then remove this section. -- SumanaHarihareswara 2019-08-23 10:39:43

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Code Coverage





Wiki Content

If you find stale pages, please add here, this might be useful work for volunteers

Wiki Theme

Core Developer Web Resources

The Core Development Helper Tools page discusses enhancements for version control and bug tracking, particularly with regard to integration.


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