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This wiki page has one simple goal, and will strive with its whole heart to fulfill it. In these weird times, when certain people tend to eat, sleep, hang out with their partners and play football, they want to use the little time they have for development as effective as possible. Sometimes its just simple things that make our hacker life more enjoyable, like setting up your hg identity in one line. Sometimes its a more complex concept that we have to break into pieces, and make it simpler. Hacking should be more enjoyable, we should have more time for whatever we want to do, we should eliminate time-waste on repetitive tasks.

Guiding thought: "With all the sand and sun on the beaches, should I really be doing this now?"

Ideas for IDE integration (added by MichaelFoord who has a particular interest in integration with Wing - but integration with Wing, Vim and Emacs would get most bang for buck):

Ideas for Roundup extensions:


Use Cases


This would have the advantage of avoiding the need to remember "hg serve" details and edit config files, allowing one to share a local branch (locally or in a public server) with the same tool, so network topology doesn't make it harder to "hg serve".

Examples: 'hg-share rw' to serve a local branch allowing anyone to push to it. The same tool could be used to share branches in public repositories, read-only or read-write: 'hg-share -s'.

Roundup VCS integration

Daniel is a great hacker, but the only time he has time to hack is when his child is asleep. And his child wakes up every now and then, pretty often actually. So when it starts crying, Daniel commits fix to that silly bug that has been hunting us for ages, but forgets to close down the bug so it stays open. Looking over bug tracker, Jane finds the same bug and starts working on the same bug. Wasted time. Daniel should be able to format commit message in such a way that would automatically close the bug.

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