This is a start at writing down some of the conventions we've adopted for the website. Please help by adding to it as you run into things that should be listed here:

The site's URL structure matches its menu structure, as displayed on the left hand side. As such, it's important to place new content appropriately and carefully limit what is added at the top level. There is a sweet spot between cluttering up the top level and nesting content overly deep that we are trying to cultivate.

URLs and file names should be all lower case and reasonably short without being hard to remember or becoming quirky or unusual abbreviations. For example, use 'doc' instead of 'documentation'. URLs should look good and be manageable when pasted into an email or other document.

Checking in Changes

Always test your changes before checking them in. The live site is automatically updated with new changes and will break in the same way that your local copy breaks if you check in typos.

Peer Review

Please seek peer review for major content changes, when adding to the overall menu structure, or when making significant changes to the home page. This can be done on the pydotorg-www mailing list.


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