Stephan Deibel's Home Page Candidate Plan

(basing this on PythonWebsiteHomePageGoodger)

Home Page

The home page should contain the intro paragraph (minus What is Python header) and *some* material that overviews the language and what it's used for -- but this should be 1-2 additional paragraphs only and not mention any specific packages as is done now.

I do think it's important to overview the language on the home page. It is, after all, the universal home page *for the language*.

Change title to "Python Programming Language -- Official Website"

Left sidebar:


Right sidebar:

ABOUT section

Change order:

APPLICATIONS section /apps

One item & page per major application area (i.e. "Using Python For..." items from the home page) Sort existing home page content under there and expand substantially. This is where wiki style editing might be nice although I think I would prefer to have these pages not actually entirely in the wiki. Rather, have the reflect what people are most commonly using (those items are first, not alphabetical) and refer to wiki for "others" that are not commonly used. We need to help new users sort through to find the most likely solutions quickly.

The /apps sections should index success stories related to each and show them in a subnav box on the right.

Success stories should show appropriate /apps pages in subnav box on the right.

Would be nice to similarly cross reference other related materials like stuff /doc (onsite or elsewhere, esp howto style content, which is most useful for people getting started), link into cheeseshop categories, /audio, and other stuff.

This needs to start simple but we could eventually base on Evelyn's classification of the success stories plus the items in the "using python for" box on home page plus cheeseshop categories to come up w/ standard classification of resources that would let us automatically generate a list of related resources. I may be dreaming... but we can probably do something reasonable or at least manually add some useful subnav items.

(The new Google related box at the bottom of every page might do this for us but it doesn't seem to be working well -- maybe it's broken pending reindexing or something)


* /apps and not /about/apps? If we don't do /about/benefits, I'd almost thing /about/apps

* One alternative for longer top level menu is to section the list so we have groups::

    APPLICATIONS             <-- High level info sections
    -                        <-- Divider / space
    DOCUMENTATION            <-- Users sections
    COMMUNITY                <-- Community/developers sections

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