Candidates for the 2018 PSF Board of Directors

The following people have been nominated as Directors of the Python Software Foundation for the term beginning in June 11, 2018. Their self-written summaries follow. The specific dates of relevance to the election are:

This is a notification of the 2018/19 board of director election timeline:
  • Open call for Board Director Nominations: May 1, 2018
  • Board Director Nomination cut-off: May 25, 2018 23:59:59 AoE[1]
  • Voter application cut-off date: May 25, 2018 23:59:59 AoE
  • Voting start date: June 1, 2018 AoE
  • Voting end date: June 10, 2018 23:59:59 AoE

[1]The above closing times are given in the "Anywhere on Earth" (AOE) timezone.

There are currently 4 open seats on the Board of Directors - 3 for 3 year terms (as part of the cycle established in the 2017 PSF Members vote), and one to fill the 2 years remaining on a departing board member's 3 year term.

Registering as a PSF Board candidate

To register as a candidate for the Board elections, add your nomination to this page using the format listed at the end of the page. We'd like as many groups within the PSF membership as possible to have the option of electing candidates that can directly represent their interests in Board discussions, so if there's someone you'd particularly like to have represent you, you may want to consider getting in touch with them and (politely!) asking if they'd be interested in nominating themselves.

Read through the Letter from PSF Director of Operations - Expectations of Board Directors & Duties and Responsibilities of Directors. Please note that the PSF bylaws require that Board candidates disclose significant organizational affiliations (for example, their employer).


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Registering to vote on PSF ballots

While PSF Membership is open to anyone that chooses to join, Basic Members are not entitled to vote on PSF ballots, including Board elections. In accordance with the bylaws, the following PSF Members are entitled to vote on PSF ballots:

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Outgoing Directors

The following members of the 2017/18 Board are not running for election this year:

Please use the following format:

Candidate Name

*2016 Board Member.* or *New Board Member.*


Affiliation: ...

Christopher Neugebauer

New Board Member.


I’m an Australian Python developer, speaker, and serial conference organiser. These days, I'm based in Petaluma, California, USA.

I’ve been closely involved in PyCon Australia for many years, including as a lead organizer, and also as their lead for outreach and inclusion. During this time, PyCon Australia grew from 240 attendees to upwards of 600, and the financial aid we’ve been able to offer has grown to $20,000 (or close to 10% of the total conference budget).

I'm director of North Bay Python, a Python conference based in Petaluma, north of the San Francisco Bay. Running on a shoestring budget, we built a conference – from the ground up – that delivers on the Python community's values of inclusion and diversity: in our first year, we paid out more than 25% of our budget in outreach and inclusion activities, and more than 40% of our speakers were not men.

I’ve served as a Council Member for Linux Australia, an organisation that provides financial, legal, and technical support for open source-related conferences including PyCon Australia. In that role, I helped to develop and implement a policy for making sure our events are run in a sustainable fashion, and made sure that Linux Australia continued to be a healthy organisation.

Since 2015, I’ve served on the PSF’s Grants Working Group. We’ve helped substantially grow the PSF’s capacity to offer grants to important Python projects throughout the world. In my role in that working group, I've taken a strong interest in guiding policy around the PSF's ability to support events and causes that help promote the PSF's mission throughout the world.

What I want to get done

Through the PSF's grants program, we've done some great work making Codes of Conduct an expected part of Python events throughout the world, but this is only one step in promoting the PSF's mission of growing a diverse and international community of Python programmers.

The PSF has other means to promote diversity, through their trademarks and grants policies, and I've been working in this space within the PSF for some time now. I think now's the right time for me to promote this at a board level: we need to establish diversity and inclusion targets for all events that seek our support, and we can achieve this now.

Secondly, the PSF needs sustainable funding beyond PyCon US, and the Python community needs more events than just PyCon US. The PSF can play a vital role in empowering people who want to run local events, and this can provide both a vital revenue source for the PSF, and a more diverse set of events to grow our community.

In summary, this is what I hope to achieve in my first year:

  • Work at strengthening the PSF's policies around grants and trademark licensing, to ensure that events aligned with the PSF work in support of the PSF's mission
  • Build the PSF's capacity for fiscal sponsorship to empower the community to run projects through the PSF, and raise funds for the PSF
  • Help identify diverse sources of funding for the PSF, to reduce our reliance on PyCon US's success to deliver the remainder of the PSF's goals

Where to find me


  • Shutterstock, Inc. (Employer)
  • PSF Grants working group
  • North Bay Python Project Leadership Committee, at Software Freedom Conservancy
  • PSF Fellow

Katie McLaughlin

New Board Member. (Nominated by Trey Hunner)

Trey: I nominate Katie McLaughlin for the PSF Board of Directors. I have witnessed Katie enthusiastically greet new community members at conferences and patiently shepherd first-time open source contributors during BeeWare sprints. Katie is a concerned and compassionate Python community member. Katie wears many hats but also seems to have a good understanding of her own boundaries, both qualities that are helpful for PSF directors.

I have worked behind the scenes on various Python and open source events and conferences around Australia for the past few years (See “Background”), and have recently applied the knowledge gained from those experiences by taking on the leading role in coordinating such events, and serving on foundation boards.

I have an active role as a Director of the Django Software Foundation, and should I be elected to the Python Software Foundation board, I can act as a conduit between these two groups, sharing knowledge and ideas.

I am based in Australia, which is a country with it’s own thriving Python community currently unserved by a Director on the Python Software Foundation board in this geographic region. I am aware of the logistical complexities by adding a member from UTC+10, but I will be able to mitigate this via attending meetings out of hours, asynchronous communication, and remote voting, if required.


  • Open Source Developers Club, Treasurer, 2015
  • Linux Australia, Board Member, 2016
  • Django Software Foundation, Director, Secretary 2018
  • DjangoCon AU 2017 Organiser
  • PyCon AU 2018, 2019 Chair
  • O’Reilly Open Source Award, 2017
  • Red Hat Women in Open Source 2018 Finalist
  • PSF Contributing Member, since 2016
  • Open Source Initiative, Individual Member, since 2016
  • DSF Individual Member, since 2017

Affiliations: Divio (Employer), PyCon AU, Django Software Foundation, Linux Australia

Younggun Kim

2016 Board Member.

It was an honor to served as the first Board Director elected from East Asia. I brought the voices from the east part of our community to the board. I traveled as many PyCons in South/East Asia as I can just to show them we are one big community all around the world and to help them organize their own PyCon. In the result of their desire and the effort, Indonesia and Thailand have their first PyCon and I'm not going to stop here. We still have a lot more community members living in developing countries and I'd love to go there and help them as a representative of the PSF.


  • PSF Grants Working Group
  • Program Committee Member for PyCon 2018
  • PyCon KR/Asia-Pacific organizer
  • Open Source Advocate at NIPA - NIPA is an affiliated organization of Korean Ministry of Science.

Affiliations: PSF Grants Working Group, PyCon Korea, NIPA

Paola Katherine Pacheco

2017 Board Member.


Hi, I'm Paola Katherine, I'm Software Engineer, I work with Python because of the community that hosted me with Pyladies and with Python Brazil. I believe that without the knowledge and help of the community today I would not work with development. As I lived in Brazil for a long time I suffered a bit of prejudice and without the support of the community I would have given up. From the moment I started in the area, I've always tried to help everyone who wants to learn by focusing on women to understand the prejudice they suffer, but I've always intended to help those who want to learn, as well as Python's behavior. community. With that I got involved with events, thus reaching more people.

I believe that today Latin America in general needs attention in education, is in a process of transition, a new generation that is now learning technology, that is learning English, that has interest but in many countries still suffers a patriarchal culture that does not sees the woman working and also a technological backwardness.

Today I live in Argentina, where there is a delay and we do not have many companies here. Because of this I created an event called + CON, a free event, where the focus is students. Where the goal is to present the few companies that we have here to the students, so that they can get a job.

History of contributions to the community:
  • Organization of the first Django Girls Rio de Janeiro
  • Django Girls Python Brazil 2016 organization, Florianópolis, the largest in Brazil.
  • Participation in the Pyladies Brasil community
  • Participation in the Pyladies community Rio de Janeiro
  • Creation of Pyladies Mendoza
  • Creation of the Mendoza Python community
  • Organization of Django Girls Pycon Colombia, where I just organized remotely until I found a Colombian who could lead with that after the event a Python community was created in Cali, Colombia.
  • Volunteer at Pycon Colombia
  • Speaker at Pycon Argentina and Euro Python to talk about community and diversity.
  • Organization of the Django Girls Euro Python, event where I organized alone and remotely, going only in the day. It was an event where we had problems in previous years and we had the success of getting tickets for all participants.
  • Creation of a conference focused on students and aimed at the diffusion of open source. Rio DevDay was the largest conference in Rio de Janeiro, with 311 people, 18% women and 40% students / people who never had the opportunity to work with technology.
  • Creating videos teaching python for beginners, to contribute to those who do not have much knowledge of English. Also helping anyone who is starting out and trying to be a female inspiration to the girls who are just getting started.
  • Volunteer at Pycharlas - Spanish track at Pycon Cleveland 2018
  • Creator of +CON, a free conference aimed at students where the goal is to bring students to the area of technology.

My goals for 2018/2019 as a board member::

Promoting diversity: I would like to boost the issue of diversity in Latin America, we still need to include issues such as women, race, color. Since I lived in Brazil, which was much more ahead of other Latin American countries, we had problems with regard to female inclusion, and today in Argentina I see that the problem is a little more serious, perhaps because of cultural issues. I raise the Pyladies flag which encourages a lot of girls and minorities to be included.

Promote the increase of knowledge: By having another language, Latin America In relation to the rest of the world for many times ends up falling behind. I would like to encourage conferences, dissemination of knowledge, leverage this curious audience, students, to anyone who wishes to have this knowledge that often can not, due to lack of access to information.

I have a project in progress, a project for the secondary, where I want to teach about basic programming. From hardware to object orientation. I want to teach from basic knowledge to the minimum so that they can get jobs, or internships.

Affiliations - Pyladies Mendoza - Python Mendoza - Women Who Code - Women Techmakers - +Con ( free conference)

Thea Flowers

New Board Member.


I owe my career to the Python language and community. I come from a non-traditional background and finding a language as approachable as Python with a community that is open and inclusive empowered me to build a life for myself. I am approaching my first decade as a professional engineer and I would like to give back to the community that brought me here in a more significant way.

My true calling in life is Developer Relations - a role that combines engineering, writing, and empathy to accelerate the growth of communities and empower people from all backgrounds to use code to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. I want to use this perspective and skill set to support and grow the Python ecosystem.

I have spent the last 3 years working with the community via the Python Packaging Authority and urllib3. I have been the primary maintainer of for the last year. I want to continue and expand these efforts. If elected, here's what I would like to focus on:

  • Infrastructure and packaging: As part of work with the PyPA, I’ve seen how investments in infrastructure and packaging projects such as Warehouse can have a huge multiplying effect. I want to support additional investments through the infrastructure and packaging working groups to provide the community with an even better experience when it comes to sharing and using code.
  • Outreach and diversity of core contributors: I want to empower more people from more backgrounds to become core contributors. I have been inspired by the work of Mariatta in this area. I want to become a core contributor myself, share my experience, and create, support, and participate in workshops, sprints, and hackathons to help others contribute to our documentation and the core language.

You can find me at and

Affiliation: Google (employer), (maintainer), PyPA (member), urllib3 (maintainer), PuPPy (member)

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