Duties & Responsibilities Of PSF Directors

In a nutshell, the Directors work to fulfill the mission of the PSF; we take responsibility for moving Python and the PSF forward. The formal responsibilities of Directors and Officers are listed in the bylaws, articles V and VI. Please see the minutes of the monthly Board of Directors meetings for specific actions and decisions taken.

The PSF's Directors and Officers conduct business via monthly meetings (one hour on IRC & Phone) and an active mailing list. We discuss the work being done and the work to be done, and Directors vote on resolutions.

The position of Director is unpaid, purely volunteer. Staff positions (Director of Operations (also the Secretary & Director at Large), Treasurer, Controller, Event Coordinator (also Assistant Secretary), IT Manager, and Controller) do receive a salary.

There are two sides to a Director's responsibilities:

  1. Regular/administrative tasks to keep the PSF's legal standing healthy, keep the PSF operational and to respond to things like trademark issues or questions about the licensing of Python.
  2. Leading the PSF into a bright future, discussing the directions with your fellow board members and getting the members behind these new ideas.

We need people who can are willing and capable of implementing the PSF visions.

A Director's physical location is not an overriding factor. All of our meetings are virtual. We only meet face-to-face once or twice per year: at PyCon US and a stand alone face-to-face meeting usually in autumn. We currently have Directors in the Zimbabwe, India, USA, Netherlands, and Brazil. Having Directors in other parts of the world and other time zones may pose logistical challenges, but this will be worked around so should not be seen as an obstacle. Having Directors in other parts of the world ensures we have a variety of point-of-views and is highly desirable.

The time commitment is up to you -- what you want to work on, and how much time do you want to spend on it. Some activities are heavy, others aren't; take your pick. More info on expectations is available in the letter from the PSF Director of Operations. Attending the Board meetings is extremely important -- we need a majority of Directors in attendance in order to achieve quorum and pass any resolutions.

The PSF-Board mailing list typically sees about about 1-3 active email threads per day. It can increase right before a BoD meeting.

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