Thank you for considering the Python Software Foundation!

Being a board of director is a privilege and obligation to the Python community. Volunteer board of directors are the ambassadors of the Python Software Foundation and also of the Python ecosystem. Their dedication and effort is countless and I am very thankful for the work that each of them have put into this Foundation. If you are considering running for the 2018/2019 term, please review the expectations below. Please note that these listed expectations of a board director and not necessarily requirements for being voted on

Having Familiarity: A good place to start for a new director is to read through our mission statement, our bylaws, and public records.

Partaking in discussions: Being constructively active on the psf-board mailing list is beneficial and helps us move work along. This can include contributing to discussions related to requests and/or ways the PSF can improve processes. The board mailing list is a place all directors should feel comfortable to share their thoughts and ideas.

Being active in furthering the PSF mission and its work: This can include the Python in Education Working Group, Grants Working Group, Infrastructure team, helping with fundraising, and/or by taking a lead volunteer position for PyCon 2019. If the member is comfortable with writing blog posts, they can contribute a few posts through out the year. When projects need special intervention or additional insight, it helps to have a board member step forward to help manage the project.

Representing the PSF: Board members are vital ambassadors for the PSF in the wider Python community. Sometimes we get requests from PyCon conferences around the world for a keynote speaker. If the board director is comfortable giving talks, it is a great service to the PSF. If the director has a local user group, it is also great to help educate the user groups about the PSF and what it does.

Attending board meetings: Board meetings take place once a month. The PSF handles more requests every year and it is important that the board evaluates and votes on resolutions when possible. It is expected that a board member attend at least half of all meetings put on throughout the year. When a director cannot attend, they should send their proxy votes to the Director of Operations. Our meetings take place via phone and IRC/Slack.

Fiduciary Duties of Board Members: The overview of this is act in good faith, have reasonable basis, and exercise honest business judgment. It can be broken down into three categories:

  1. The duty of care tells us that we need to have good faith, follow the business judgement rule (good judgement and free of conflict of interest).
  2. The duty of loyalty means you will not harm the non-profit and its stakeholders, you will not have personal benefit, and you will keep the interest of the organization in mind.
  3. The duty of obedience says we should follow applicable laws and bylaws of the non-profit. Additionally, you will help carry out the non-profit's purpose and will not go beyond the scope of our mission.

If you have any questions about these expectations, please feel free to email me: ewa at python dot org. New directors will get two on-boarding sessions before the first board meeting so we will go over more details of expectations then.

Good luck!

Ewa Jodlowska
Director of Operations
Python Software Foundation

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