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Release 2.3.3

December 19, 2003

(conversion to Wiki Format by A. Lloyd Flanagan, who didn't know what he was getting into)

Note: this is an unofficial posting of the official python documentation. So PLEASE DON'T modify the existing text! It will probably just be overwritten and no one will realize you've done it. PLEASE DO add any and all comments at the end of the section they apply to. That's what it's for!

Front Matter

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Built In Objects

3. Python Runtime Services

4. String Services

5. Miscellaneous Services

6. Generic Operating System Services

7. Optional Operating System Services

8. Unix Specific Services

9. The Python Debugger

10. The Python Profiler

11. Internet Protocols And Support

12. Internet Data Handling

13. Structured Markup Processing Tools

14. Multimedia Services

15. Cryptographic Services

16. Graphical User Interfaces With Tk

17. Restricted Execution

18. Python Language Services

19. Python Compiler Package

20. Sgi Irix Specific Services

21. Sun OS Specific Services

22. MS Windows Specific Services

A. Undocumented Modules

B. Reporting Bugs

C. History And License

Module Index

Python Library Reference Index

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Another set of annotatable documentation is at .

That site wraps a frameset around the Python 2.3.4 documentation and adds some JavaScript that updates another frame to display a Wiki page for the documentation page you're viewing.

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AndrewKuchling -- 2004-09-09

LloydFlanagan -- 10/8/2004

I've checked out Andrew's setup. It's brilliant! I've been looking at a system for parsing the current CVS documentation, creating wiki pages out of it, and updating them as the docs are changed. Meanwhile, Andrew has come up with a scheme to view the standard HTML pages side-by-side with comments.

Since that's so functional, and these docs are obsolete already, I'll probably stop work on this version until I think of something better. Err, make that "if".

Thanks Andrew!


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