Open Source Applications

AccessGrid ( ) The Access Grid is an ensemble of resources including multimedia large-format displays, presentation and interactive environments, and interfaces to Grid middleware and to visualization environments. These resources are used to support group-to-group interactions across the Grid. GUI and main program written in Python 2.3 with wxPython 2.6 and Tcl/Tk Aqua 8.4.9.

BioImageXD ( ) Free, open source software for 3D visualisation processing, and analysis of multidimensional biomedical image data, especially microscopy. GUI and main program written in Python/wxPython on top of python wrapped c++ libs VTK and ITK

BitPim ( is a program that allows you to view and manipulate data on many CDMA phones from LG, Samsung, Sanyo and other manufacturers. BitPim is developed in wxPython by Roger Binns.

BitTorrent ( is the famous peer-to-peer file sharing application, developed in wxPython by Bram Cohen.

Blender -

/Blender, the open source software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback. Embeds Python as its scripting language.

Brainworkshop -
A Dual N-back training program


The Common Astronomy Software Applications (CASA) are a suite of tools for the reduction and analysis of radio-astronomy data. The primary user interface is via an extended IPython shell, with GUI components in Qt. All data-processing in C++ is exported to Python modules.

Chimera ( UCSF Chimera is a highly extensible program for interactive visualization and analysis of molecular structures and related data, including density maps, supramolecular assemblies, sequence alignments, docking results, trajectories, and conformational ensembles. Written in Python with a Tkinter GUI.

Diagnil ( is a crossword puzzle assistant developed by Ben Di Vito.

DrawBot -
Author: JustVanRossum

DrawBot is a simple application for MacOSX that allows you to write simple Python scripts that generate two-dimensional graphics. The builtin graphics primitives are currently pretty braindead, it currently only supports rectangles, ovals and (bezier) paths and polygons. A future version will also support text and images. Note that /DrawBot can export PDF to files and clipboard, so you can bring your /DrawBot creations right into applications such as Adobe® Illustrator® as vectors!


eXe, the eLearning XHTML editor, is a cross-platform desktop tool that allows teachers to author structured educational resources using pedagogical templates to encourage sound layout of each page. The resource can be exported in a variety of formats from IMS Content Package and IMS Common Cartridge, to folders of web pages, to iPod Notes files.

Golly ( is an open source, cross-platform application for exploring Conway's Game of Life and other cellular automata. The GUI is written in wxWidgets (C++, not wxPython) but Python is used as Golly's scripting language. Developed by Andrew Trevorrow and Tom Rokicki.

MacTelnet ( is a Mac OS X terminal program which, as of version 3.1, is partially implemented in Python. Primary developer is Kevin M. Grant.

NodeBox -
Author: FrederikDeBleser

NodeBox is a Mac OS X application that lets you create 2D visuals (static, animated or interactive) using Python and export them as a PDF or QuickTime movie. A great number of libraries are available for importing SVG files, doing Google searches, bezier editing or manipulating images using Core Image (which is hardware accelerated). NodeBox is actively being developed, free and very well documented, and we have a nice community that can answer all your questions.

Passerby ( is a password keeper developed in Tkinter by James Stroud.

Picalo ( is an open source data analysis toolkit in Python and wxPython. It specializes in analysis of DBMS-type of data, such as the fraud detection field.

PySolFC/PySol Fan Club (, an updated version of the classic Python Solitaire game. The new version of PySol makes use of new Tk libraries (Tile) that greatly improve the look and feel under Aqua.

RegexPlor -
Author: DinuGherman

RegexPlor is a tool for interactively exploring regular expressions. It provides a graphic frontend for experimenting with such regular expressions in a intuitive way. You can edit an input text as well as a regular expression as well as colors for matched text, etc. and study various effects at every keystroke. This is a much more convenient way of hunting down the one expression you're after, without typing any code at all in the usual trial-and-error method.

ReSTedit -
Author: DinuGherman

ReSTedit is a GUI tool for editing and interactivly exploring texts in the /ReStructuredText format (or ReST) as introduced by the Docutils project. Despite being very simple ReSTedit is very useful for quickly checking if Docutils renders some text as you would expect it. You only paste it into a ReSTedit window to see if it's ok or not, without writing any test code around it. See a sample movie.

SolarWolf -

Author: PeteShinners
OS X Maintainer: BobIppolito

SolarWolf is an action/arcade game written entirely in Python. It is entirely opensource and free, created with the Pygame game development library.

Task Coach (, a to-do organizer, is developed with Python and wxPython by Frank Niessink.

TomatoTorrent -

Author: SarwatKhan (based on the original BitTorrent, by BramCohen).

The main goal of this project was to separate the /BitTorrent code from the Macintosh code, so that either can be updated without having to modify the other. It supports torrent generation from the user interface, remembers recent downloads, shows detailed statistics and torrent information, can launch a torrent tracker, supports unicode, etc.

Transana ( is software for professional researchers who want to analyze digital video or audio data. Transana lets you analyze and manage your data in very sophisticated ways. Transcribe it, identify analytically interesting clips, assign keywords to clips, arrange and rearrange clips, create complex collections of interrelated clips, explore relationships between applied keywords, and share your analysis with colleagues. The result is a new way to focus on your data, and a new way to manage large collections of video and audio files and clips. Transana is written with wxPython and developed by David Woods.

TUI (, a Tkinter GUI for the APO 3.5m telescope, is developed by Russell Owen.

Closed Source Applications

Checkout --

The powerful, yet easy to use point of sale system for the rest of us. Together with a Mac and the right peripherals, Checkout offers a complete solution for your retail business at an affordable price.

Get up and running in 15 minutes. Leveraging the incredible ease of use of Mac OS X, Checkout eliminates the need for extensive training sessions and makes it easy for your employees to be great salespeople.

Tracking orders, payments and stock are some of the most demanding tasks in any retail business. And that’s only before you tend to your bookkeeping. Checkout streamlines complicated work, without skimping on flexibility.

EagleFiler --

EagleFiler makes managing your information easy. It lets you archive and search mail, Web pages, PDF files, word processing documents, images, and more. Use it to collect information from a variety of sources. Browse different types of files using a standard three-pane interface. Organize them into folders and annotate them with tags and notes, or leave everything in one folder and pin-point the information you need using the live search. Since EagleFiler stores its library in Finder format, you can use it in concert with the other tools in your Mac ecosystem.

Eve Online -

Eve Online is a massively multiplayer online game that supports over 7000 simultaneous players all playing in the same persistent world. This application was developed by a team of Icelandic programmers using stackless Python. Read more in the technical section of the Eve FAQ

Find It! Keep It! -

Save webpages including some kinds of video to a local database with Find It! Keep It! Find the pages later by browsing your archive, or searching with tags and/or words.

Find It! Keep It!'s UI is written in /PyObjc but it also uses custom C extensions. Python's interactive command line made understanding Cocoa easier and sped up prototyping. Exceptions improved reliability, but segfaults in Cocoa called from Python were very hard to debug. Being able to constrain functions types and faster execution would be have been handy.

Phynchronicity ( is a Tkinter and Tile-based GUI for the Fink package management system.

QuickWho ( is a Tkinter-based GUI for the "whois" command.

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