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Multimedia Services

14.1 audioop -- Manipulate raw audio data

14.2 imageop -- Manipulate raw image data

14.3 aifc -- Read and write AIFF and AIFC files

14.4 sunau -- Read and write Sun AU files

14.4.1 AU_read Objects 14.4.2 AU_write Objects

14.5 wave -- Read and write WAV files

14.5.1 Wave_read Objects 14.5.2 Wave_write Objects

14.6 chunk -- Read IFF chunked data

14.7 colorsys -- Conversions between color systems

14.8 rgbimg -- Read and write SGI RGB files

14.9 imghdr -- Determine the type of an image

14.10 sndhdr -- Determine type of sound file

14.11 ossaudiodev -- Access to OSS-compatible audio devices

14.11.1 Audio Device Objects 14.11.2 Mixer Device Objects



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