Python Events around the World

The following is a list of Python related events that are occurring around the world or online.

Event Listings


Python Conferences

See the Python Conferences page for a general overview of the different Python conferences.

If you want to organize a conference or event in your city or community, read our guide to running a conference for helpful advice.

Looking for speakers at various events? Check out the list of Python speakers!

Python Training

Looking for a complete list of Python training options? Check out the Python training page!

If you want to set up your own training event, refer to the Python Training page on this site and add training dates to the PythonTraining/Events page. You can also add yourself to Cameron Laird's page of Python trainers.

Python User Groups

Also see the local user groups list for recurring local events.


This section is kept around for backwards compatibility

Since the calendar on this page was only showing training events in recent months, we have moved those event listings to a new PythonTraining/Events page.

Please check the above list of calendars for conference and user group events.

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