Python Conferences

The Python community tends to organize regional events around the world. Established events such as PyCon US and EuroPython have since been joined by other regional conferences, and Python often features prominently in various open source conferences.

This page aims to be the most complete list of Python conferences around the world and can be edited by the community.

Want to organize an event in your community? Read our guide to running a conference. In particular, if you are considering starting a "PyCon" named conference, please see the PSF PyCon Trademark Guidelines and the PSF Trademark FAQs.

If you are planning a Python conference event, please check the dates in the Python Event Calendars to see whether there are any overlaps and submit your event to the calendars. Also see the PythonEvents page for more schedule information.

Please keep these lists mostly sorted alphabetically. It is fine to place the most prominent and largest events at the top of the respective listings.

Regional Python Conferences







Topic Conferences

Regularly happening larger topic events should also be listed in the above regional sections.

AI & Data Science

Focus on using Python for AI and data science.


Focus on the Django web framework.

Education & Outreach

Events focusing on Python education and outreach.

Web Frameworks

Focus on the Plone web framework:

Focus on the Wagtail CMS:


Focus on using Python in science.

Python at Open Source Conferences

Python has often been featured in the following conference series and events:

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