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July 25-26, 2009

Columbus, OH

PyOhio 2009 will be held at Knowlton Hall at Ohio State University on July 25-26, 2009.

PyOhio 2008 was great! Thanks to all volunteers, speakers, attendees, and sponsors! See last year's wiki page for details.

Planning has begun for PyOhio 2009.

Main PyOhio page is now online.

You can join a GroupChat during the event.

PyOhio is a daylong regional miniconference. A one-day PyOhio was held July 26, 2008; for 2009, we are extending PyOhio to a full weekend.

Watch this page for news on PyOhio! To receive PyOhio announcements, please join the PyOhio mailing list:

To help make PyOhio happen, please join the organizers' mailing list:


PyOhio 2008 was free of charge for attendees.


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Carpool to save on gas and parking!

Megabus runs from Chicago to Columbus through Indianapolis.


Our planning notes have been moved to a separate wiki page:

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