Lightning Talks

A lightning talk is a short presentation of your choosing, no longer than five minutes. There is no approval process to give a lightning talk; speakers simply sign up here or at PyOhio. The idea is borrowed from PyCon, where they are enormously popular.

PyOhio will have at least one set of lightning talks, delivered one after another as fast as we can connect speakers to the projector. The fast pace makes for a stimulating and exciting session.

Anybody can give a lightning talk. You can give a lightning talk on the same topic you present a poster on or convene an Open Space session on; in fact, that can make a very effective combination.

To reserve a Lightning Talks slot, just edit this page (look for the word-balloon icon at the upper right) and add your name and topic. There will also be a board at PyOhio itself for on-site lightning talk signup.

You can see our list of last year's pregeristered lightning talks <PyOhio2008/LightningTalks>`_.

Lightning talk reservations

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