At PyCon, AMK is planning to have a session on Thursday evening to play board games. It will be at 7PM, in the Bent Tree II room.

It'll probably work like this: I'll set up the games beforehand, and as people show up, they get grouped together in sets of four or six and choose a game, or are assigned one. I explain the rules and get the group started.

I'll box up a bunch of my games and Fedex them to myself at the hotel. However, there are probably local attendees who can also bring games. If you're coming to PyCon and can bring something, please add your name to this page and say what you can bring.


The emphasis is on multiplayer games that can handle four or six people. I don't think two-player games are very practical for me to bring, because I'd have to bring so many of them; hopefully local attendees can bring chess, go, checkers, etc.



Damn, and here I was leaning towards going to EuroPython next year, and you go and introduce board games into the mix -- RichardJones

As a _long_ time gamer, I'm _definitely_ interested in this. I can bring two or three different games if desired. -- Ken Whitesell

This sounds like a great idea. I can bring my extended munchkin collection to the table (super-star-fu-bites-munchkin-blender anyone?) -- MichaelTwomey

Go (aka Igo/Weichi/Baduk) anyone?

I'll concentrate on bringing some modern German-style board games that are fairly easy to learn, so that new arrivals can play something entertaining. --amk

Backgammon, anyone? I will bring a board or two. And of course, certainly there won't be any gambling :-) -- JonRosen

I'll bring some extra packs of Fluxx as well. Ever had a game of Fluxx with 25 people and a 15 second time limit per turn? its a blast!

I've never had a chance to play Nomic, but I'd like to -- this seems like a group that might enjoy such a game (like Fluxx without the structure). I'll print up the materials to bring along. -- IanBicking

While i will be unable to attend, i'd suggest Ticket to Ride Europe. Great 3 - 5 person game, each turn is super fast, easy to learn. Has been a big hit with friends and family. -- JosYule

I've played Ticket To Ride, on the original American board, and agree that it's a fun game. Unfortunately I don't own a copy, but maybe someone else does. --amk

I can bring the following games if anyone else is interested: the Dune boardgame (the Avalon Hill out-of-print classic), Cosmic Encounter, and Puerto Rico. All these are great multiplayer strategy boardgames. --Brad Allen

Is this only going to be Thursday, or might there be a Friday evening party as well? (I'm driving up Thursday evening from Austin...) I'll bring along my copy of Carcassonne, as well. --Peter Wang

Peter: if people want to meet on Friday (perhaps around 6 or 7PM, after the mod_python BoF, that's perfectly OK. Feel free to add it to the PyCon2006/FinalSchedule page. --amk

The largest Dallas-area game store, The Game Chest, is only about 2 miles away. Anyone want to go on a group shopping trip on Sunday evening or Monday? --amk

I think I'll pass on the Game Chest trip, unless they have a used copy of AH's Civilization in stock. :)

I've gone ahead and put us down for another session at 6:30 Friday in Bent Tree (after the BOF). --Peter

I'm packing Slapshot, Democrazy, Trans America and Acquire. A second evening of gaming always sounds good to me. Definitely interested in any trip to a game store as well. (5 months until the WBC!) --Ken


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