Good day Pythonians, I'm new to the Python language, but I'm quite experienced in the front-end, including SEO.

I would like to suggest that we use an automatic ' rel="nofollow" ' for ALL the links of a 'newly' registered user's post. Link building is the very reason why people want to post their website links (even manually---which defeats the purpose of textCha, since a human can answer that) in high ranked website (like this).

The point of TextCha is that it prevents decontextualised spam attacks where the questions are sent to users of another site to answer. As for user management, MoinMoin doesn't really handle a hierarchy of users very well (distinguishing between newly-registered users and established users, for example) unless you start to manage them using groups. There's a group who doesn't get asked TextCha questions, for example. If you want an extreme solution of spam prevention, I did make ActionMarket/ApproveChanges which should make all users go through either approval on every edit or approval as a "good" user, but that would probably be regarded as pretty heavy stuff on this site.

Of course, spam edits themselves are unwelcome. Although spammers might realise that they have spammed an uninteresting site, it probably won't stop them trying anyway, so an approach which suppresses their edits completely is likely to be preferable to one that just mitigates the consequences but leaves a mess to be cleared up anyway. I do think you have a good point, though. -- PaulBoddie 2011-11-14 22:26:50


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