Hi, my name is Jon Rosen. I am the Manager of Software Testing and Support for Coral8, Inc. (http://www.coral8.com). We are a Mountain View-based start-up which is just about to release a cool new product that provides high performance stream/event/message processing and analysis using a language called CCL which is smilar to SQL but with special extensions to support temporal data analysis and event pattern matching. Sorry, its not open source, although it will be available for free downloads to any developer who is interested starting mid-next week.

We are using Python to power our test automation framework. We use SQLObject layered on MySQLdb which has provided us with really amazing productivity improvements over lower-level database access. Based on the experiences I've had, I am working on convincing the company to provide a Python SDK for our main product.

By the way, we are always looking for really smart Test Engineers who are really super-competent in SQL and of course, Python knowledge is a HUGE plus! If you are interested (and are relatively local to our Bay area company), check out the website.

This will be my first PyCon and I am looking forward to it. BTW, "hello to Patrick". (He should know who this is ;-) )


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