The following birds-of-a-feather sessions are planned for PyCon2006:

Schedule information will be added to this page before the conference begins.

PSF Grants

Find out about the three projects the PSF has funded, and learn how to apply.

Google's Summer of Code

Google's Summer of Code initiative, which funded students to work on free software, attracted a lot of attention in 2005. The PSF selected 19 Python-related projects for funding. Come to this panel to find out how things went and how to get involved next year.

Python AST BOF

The Python bytecode compiler will sport a new abstract syntax in Python 2.5. The AST will provide an interface between the interpreter and Python programs, which can inspect or modify the AST. The purpose of the BOF is to discuss uses of the AST and to define APIs for sharing the AST between Python and C.


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