'Virtual Collaboratory BoF'

A "collaboratory" is a distributed research, education, and project development center. In a collaboratory, individuals from different locations are able to work together with the assistance of state-of-the-art network-based technologies. The Virtual Collaboratory provides mechanisms for users to exchange information, data, on-line resources, and ideas.

The Virtual Collaboratory has been used by educational and scientific institutions to organize research, discuss future topics of research and to educate students. Scientists from top universities have discussed international relations, trauma studies and disaster relief planning.

We believe that you will find useful tools in here that can be easily tailored and/or expanded upon to build a collaborative environment for whatever use you might have in mind.

We have committed to an ongoing in-house development cycle for this project, which ensures that it continues to progress and evolve. We are hoping that you may have an interest in joining that community of developers to push it forward at a faster clip with broader usability.

Please join us at 14:25 on Saturday Feb 25 in the Bent Tree Room.

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