PSF Python Job Board: Relaunch Project

The jobs board relaunch project was started early in 2014 and completed early in 2015, taking much longer than expected due to issues we found with the jobs app implementation in the new website, which was launched in 2014.

This page was used to run the project.

The Python job board was run by single volunteers for many years. Since the job board activities have significantly increased in recent years, and the last Chris Withers, who ran the board in the years 2010-2013, left the project, the PSF would like to relaunch the project using a team of volunteers.

At the same time, we'd like to move the job board from the legacy site to the new relaunched Django based site.

Old job board process

Please note that this description may not be completely correct. It just describes the process based on the how-to document.

Job submissions were processed using email, a ReST template and a page in a subversion repository.

  1. Job submitters created a job posting based on the template listed on the Job board how-to page

  2. Submissions were checked against a list of quality criteria
  3. Submissions which needed refinement were sent back with a notice of what to fix
  4. Good submissions were added to the job page in order of submission date (in most recent first order)

Page cleanup:

New job board process

Please note that this process is just a sketch. It may well change and get more refinements in coming weeks.

Job submissions are entered into a web form, the form creates a database record which is then used for review. After approval the Django site will then list the submissions automatically.

  1. Job submitters log in to the website (after having registered for an account)
  2. Submitters create a job posting record
  3. Submissions are checked against a list of quality criteria by the reviewers
  4. Submissions which needed refinement are flagged and an email is sent back to the job submitter asking for changes
  5. Good submissions are approved and then automatically listed on the job board page in order of submission date (in most recent first order)


Possible solutions for questions:

To be clarified:

What we need:

Jobs app design

The jobs Django app is already available, but not yet complete.

To get it to a usable state, we'll have to work some more on the code and the templates. Here's what we need to do:

Please run reviews of the existing app and post them on the review page:

We collect user stories on this page:

These will then be distilled into feature requests / implementation phases on this page:

Job Model Reference

Notes on how various field in the database should be updated:

Project organization


We have so far identified these roles in the team:

We will also need leaders of both groups and possibly an overall project lead to coordinate the work of the groups and provide an interface to the PSF board.

Once established, we should transfer the project into a regular PSF work group.

Mailing list

The project is run using a mailing list dedicated for the team:

The list gets all email sent to The old process used this email address for job submissions. The new process will use a web form based approach instead.

If you want to help in the job board team, please write to

Here's the mailing list archive with our current job submission backlog:

The last processed job submission is dated 12-Feb-2014.

Issue tracker

Please open tickets for any problems you find with the jobs app. The tickets should be labeled as "job board", if possible (github restricts using labels). If not possible, please prefix the ticket title with "JB:" or use "job board" in the title. We can then add labels after ticket creation.


New job board


The project's fork of the main site repo is no longer used and just listed here as reference, since it still has some tickets open which need to be merged to the upstream repo tracker:

Old job board

Web site administration

Web site code base

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