Jobs App Reviews

Please post your jobs app review here. We will then use them as basis for the job app design and user stories.

Review 1

From an initial scan of the newjobs URL, I generated these issues:

1. It reports three jobs from two companies, but doesn't display any job postings.

2. Except for the Submit link, the other three links at the top of the page (Types, Categories, Locations) all take the user to some sort of style guide.

3. Should we scan the existing postings and try to expand the category and job types?

4. Should both the category and job types sections have "Other" as a choice?

5. How do I add a new company?

6. I think the telecommuting checkbox should be disabled by default. Despite recent trends, I think most work is still conducted on-site, so fewer mistakes will be made if it is off by default.

7. The "agency" checkbox should be a property of the company info. Either a company hires its own workforce directly, or is an agency hiring on behalf of other companies. I've yet to see an agency advertising for Python programmers to fill its own needs.

Run-though of the job submission process by GilesThomas

Suggested review workflow

1. Submit an example job via; use your email address as submitter address so that you can check the emails being sent by the system

2. Check posting in

3. Review by clicking on the job ID, e.g.

4. Add a note; see where it goes and whether an email is generated

5. Approve a job in; see whether an email is generated

6. Reject a job in; see whether an email is generated

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