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[DIFF] 18:08 [INFO] NelsonAllain add Epyk to list of sprints
[DIFF] 17:57 [INFO] rosuav
[DIFF] 07:31 [INFO] ChrisM The one-liners are now sorted more or less by ease-of-understandin g -- from simple to hard. Please use "sorted insert" for new one-liners.
[DIFF] 20:43 [INFO] DavidBoddie
[DIFF] 18:56 [INFO] AlfioPuglisi Added guietta framework
[DIFF] 10:41 [INFO] NatDunn Updated Webucator schedule
[DIFF] 10:34 [INFO] NatDunn Updated Webucator schedule
[DIFF] 11:13 [INFO] MichaelHerrmann [1]
MartinFitzpatrick [2]
[DIFF] 15:36 [INFO] IsraelSaeta [1-3] #01 Añadir pybonacci a la lista de blogs
#02 Añadir enlace a foro de Discourse de Python España
#03 Eliminar enlace a Python Hispano, que ya no existe. Ver https://pybonacci.or g/2015/10/13/comunid ades-relevo-generaci onal-y-la-muerte-de- python-hispano/
[DIFF] 14:12 [INFO] ChrisM Fixed small writing issues when reading over this.
[DIFF] 14:00 [INFO] ChrisM Added Subheading "Python-Related Cheat Sheets"
[DIFF] 15:43 [INFO] avonni

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