Build an Intranet

For an intranet solution for a company or organisation of almost any size, the processes might look something like this:

  1. Find out what applications you need:
    • Announcements - this is often needed, but where do they come from, how are they entered? Consider the review workflow (if any).
    • Discussions - are these really required? Do employees really get to have a say on announcements and other things? What about the public?
    • Other information - project databases, competence databases - are these already around, or is it some Excel spreadsheet someone is keeping?
    • Manage documents - are they structured or categorised in some way? What kind of documents are they?
  2. Now think about ContentManagement solutions for a moment.

    • Would an established solution like Plone be enough, perhaps with customisation?
    • Or are you looking at some development from the ground up on top of one of the WebFrameworks?

  3. Now choose a server! Apache on GNU/Linux is quite versatile, but you may not need Apache if you're set on running a multi-protocol server like Zope or even one of the WebServers.

  4. Generate content:
    • A Wiki engine like MoinMoin (the basis for the Python Wiki) can provide a flexible solution, especially where the editing and review processes aren't fully defined or mapped out.

    • You may be extracting data from different sources and then need to present it as Web pages. Here, the DataRepresentation and Templating may provide good solutions. And there's probably lots of existing documents lying around anyway which can be served up as they are.

  5. Integrate into business processes - not only merits a "top level" mention, but an entire Web site devoted to it. :)

  6. Test! It's nice if your WebProgramming framework allows development and testing outside a Web browser, XML-RPC, SOAP, etc. Like from the command prompt, for example.


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