This is an introduction to developing Jython, just to get someone started. It doesn't cover the source code in any depth or discuss the design behind Jython. It's purely aimed at getting a development environment set up. It's definitely not complete so feel free to make it better!


NOTE: The source code of Jython is now mirrored to Github, please see the next section "GIT" on how to contribute with pull requests.


IDE Support

Because Jython is an Ant project, it's a bit tricky to configure an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for it.

These notes should help:



The Jython build process generates an executable Bash script, dist/bin/jython, to make it easy to launch your build of Jython. It works on Unix-like platforms (including Mac OS X and Cygwin).

If you're using Windows without Cygwin, use the batch file dist/bin/jython.bat instead.

Now you're ready to run tests...

See TestingJython for some more details.

Directory layout

Note the following describes the current trunk/jython. If you are working from an older tag, src doesn't exist and src/com and src/org are moved up a level.

Coding guidance

How things work

Other stuff


Porting external projects to Jython

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