Using Django on Jython

Finally, Django works on Jython, without any special patching. Here are the steps to get Django on Jython running:

  1. First, get a fresh version of Jython. Any release after 2.5.0 should work fine.
  2. Check out and install Django 1.2.5.
    • $ svn co django
      $ cd django
      $ jython install
      You may also like to make an alias for "". Very useful if you also use Django with CPython:
      $ alias django-admin-jy="jython /path/to/jython-dev/dist/bin/"
  3. Download and install the latest release of django-jython:
    • $ wget
      $ tar xvfz django-jython-1.2.0b1.tar.gz
      $ cd django-jython-1.2.0b1
      $ jython install
  4. Start a project.
    • $ django-admin-jy startproject myproject
  5. Edit myproject/ and change the DATABASE_ENGINE to doj.backends.zxjdbc.postgresql.

At this point, you can follow the great Django documentation, remembering to use the jython25 command instead of python, and the JYTHONPATH variable instead of PYTHONPATH. Have fun!




Running the test suite on Windows

Seems like there is an issue with popen() on windows, which blocks the Django test suite. You can try skipping the offending test using these two patches (against Django 1.0.2), written by Victor Ng:

Update (03/04/11): Not sure if this is an issue any longer, please edit if you run into it using the latest versions

Using MS SQL Server

The Django-Jython 1.2.0b1 release is in beta as of 03/04/11. It should be compatible with Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. If you need to use MS SQL Server, you will still need to use Django version 1.1.x until otherwise noted.

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