Getting to a 2.2 release

What's needed for 2.3

Samuele: The next big things that we can foresee are indeed finding a solution for jythonc and improving our overloaded java methods resolution so that it can behave properly once we introduce bools.

(extracted from Re: Notes as I bootstrap into Jython)

Componentizing JAR Indexing

Componentizing JAR Indexing

Charles asked: How much effort would it take to componentize the whole jar-indexing subsystem? We'd be interested in using it for "import" purposes in JRuby

Charlie replied: the indexing code could use a significant cleanup. It's mostly contained in the PackageManager class hierarchy. SysPackageManager extends PathPackageManager which extends CachedJarsPackageManager which extends PackageManager. Disentangling the interactions between that mess of inheritance makes working on the caching system harder than it should be.

Charles added: making the dynlangs be able to call across each other without some awful marshalling layer to/from java. In other words, we should be able to pass an object from JRuby to Jython to Rhino and read fields and invoke methods without difficulty. That's where a common underlying runtime or set of interfaces will be an absolute necessity.

Compelling Goals

(extracted from Setting a compelling goal) Charles: Just supporting Python is not enough of a goal to compel folks to contribute precious off-hours to the project. Working toward support for apps like Django would do a lot more for publicity and project interest.

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