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Scientific Python Working Group Charter

Purpose & Common Goals

This working group shall draw on the expertise of both the PSF and NumFOCUS, and on the broader scientific Python community in general, to select the best use of its budgeted funds to advance the scope, breadth, and utility of Python for scientific work.  In essence, the purpose of the group is to grant funds allocated to it by PSF and/or NumFOCUS towards conferences, user groups, educational, and development efforts.

Active Time

This working group shall stay in existence indefinitely.

Core Values & Internal Governance

This working group shall issue public statements at the time that any grants are made by it. These statements shall explain the perceived value and significance of the project(s) to which grants have been given.  In the case of conferences or other public events, we may give grants in the form of sponsorships that will increase publicity and public recognition of both the PSF and NumFOCUS (e.g. via have booths, banners, or pamphlets for these groups available at those events as a benefit of sponsorship).

Rules & Decision Making Procedures

Funding guidelines

Grant request size guidelines

Communication Plan

The bulk of communication among the working group shall be over the mailing list  As needed, we may use other communication means such as video conferencing, phone calls, or in-person meetings.



Support Requirements

Mailman list:

The PSF has recently pledged initial annual support in the amount of of US$25,000, and agreed to match any amount NumFOCUS contributes beyond $25,000, up to $50,000 contributed by the PSF, during the PSF Board meeting on April 28, 2015 (for combined funding up to $100,000).

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