pip Team Meeting

Thursday, 20 Feb 2020

Participants: Sumana, Ilan, Pradyun, Bernard, Tzu-Ping, Paul

General TODO: Sumana: consolidate and post past notes (will do this on Friday)

Test case formats

Sumana: Refactoring is a good long term goal, but we need something to work on in the next few months as well. Let Ilan write a few tests for pip?

Resolver-specific test cases to look at & review:

Sumana said: I think Ilan needs to spend like 1-4 hours actually adding a new test and then coming back to us to give more thoughts.... What do you think?

Timeline of the resolver's rollout

[Second part of meeting -- Sumana and Bernard left meeting]

Participants: Paul / Pradyun / Tzu-Ping / Ilan

Dealing with metadata

Refactoring in pip

Paul: Ticked off all of the ideas that Chris wrote in Zulip. Waiting on Chris for reviews.


Actually, (4) is still not done - "n pip._internal.cli.req_command.RequirementCommand.populate_requirement_set, populate a list with the ParsedRequirement from above instead of populating a RequirementSet with InstallRequirement - then this code can be common for both resolver initializations" It's a follow-on from (3) so I can look at it when that's landed. And I've not even touched (5) - "move the downloading out of pip._internal.operations.prepare.RequirementPreparer". I'm not even sure what this one means, it sounds like a backward step to me making the individual commands do more work. Need clarification from Chris on this one. I'm not actually sure how it will help the resolver, so I'm not giving this priority at the moment.

BTW, eww, this colour that got assigned to me is really ugly :-)

Finder is easy to work with (yay refactoring Chris Jerdonek)

The "get all dependcies" might be where all issue might be?

get_abstract_dist -- call the preparer

(all of us stopped taking notes ~3 minutes into the refactoring discussion.)

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