Bernard / Pradyun: PyCon UX Research planning

19th Feb 2020

Packaging Summit:

The purpose of these discussions will be to build consensus amongst people (tool maintainers, distro maintainers, potential design discussions etc) will be involved in design, implementation and possibly end users and progress towards a solution on the topic.

The objective of having these packaging summit discussions:

Depending on how the summit goes, there are a number of ways this could happen.

16th April (Packaging Summit)

During the discussions about these topics:

1. We will take notes of what's discussed

2. After the discussion ends

17th-19th April (PyCon Conference Days)

3. We need to advertise the research to PyCon attendees.


4. Bernard interviews participants (users of packages and package maintainers) at PyCon using the quesions identified in step 2 above. The output will be user requirements/expectations that can be used to inform the work on the problem during the PyCon sprints (or after).

5. The interview then need to be analysed and some output needs the be produced.


20th-23rd April (PyCon Sprints) (partcipant recruitment: in teh early days there will be more "end-users" attending. Towards the end, the people left will be more invested - e.g. maintainers, long time contributors)

6. The package maintainers will take the output from step 5 and use it as input to their sprint work.

7. (optional) If there is a possilbilty to do some usability testing of early "prototypes" of the work from the sprints?

8. Conduct interviews with package maintainers and end users about other topics too

(The sprints will be relaxed)

9. Output

Question: Amongst whom does the consensus need to be built?

Getting consensus from people who are not in attendance at the summit, is also important - we might not be able to "finish" things at the sprints

Other questions:

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