pip syncup meeting

Teamwide, 6 Feb 2020

Attendees: (not explicitly marked, but: Ernest, Sumana, Tzu-Ping, Paul, Bernard, Pradyun, Georgia, Sumana)


Invoices and hours

Invoices should be sent to accounting[at]python.org CCing ewdurbin[at]pyfound.org.

Sumana should direct you on which funding source the invoice should be associated with (MOSS vs CZI).

Subject lines for invoice emails and the invoices should include Packaging-PIP-2020-MOSS or Packaging-PIP-2020-CZI.

TP, Pradyun, Paul, SS to collaborate with Sumana re invoices

Adjusted timeline because of late start

probably more like late Jan to late May/mid June

PyCon travel

Waiting to hear back from Simply Secure

Bernard would like to be there for sprints, core talks, talk with less-skilled users.... discussion of Georgia also coming....

UX folks at Packaging Summit? https://mail.python.org/archives/list/distutils-sig@python.org/thread/ZEZNY2MCUN3S3JGUFF6U6OWVEOKW2UAF/

Research areas

TODO: Bernard will follow up with Paul and others on this

UX training for packaging maintainers?

What are you blocked on?

Bernard: what part of pip functionality to start the research on

Paul's ok - I have been getting up to speed on resolvelib's API and architecture, had an overview of pip's resolver code with Pradyun, and I'm now starting to work on refactorings and paying off technical debt to prepare for the new resolver.

TP is ok - writing tests for resolver, integration into pip

Pradyun: sort of good - been looking at how to structure arch docs

Resolver roadmap

Wondering if it’d be particularly useful if I write up how the resolver works right now, and what public structures it should provide (I want to keep the public surface as small as possible so it’s easier to change the internals if needed)

Sequence between now and release:

Have we chosen Resolvlib?

least bad choice. Least blockers to overcome

resolvlib API is most straightforward. Can plug something in later if we change our mind

Paul put it well in tech decision thread in GitHub. We're choosing RL's _API_.

To Do (followup)

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