pip syncup meeting

Wednesday 8 January, 2020

Chatted about logistics for Tsu-ping's logistics, Paul's involvement, and Ilan's involvement


During the project, the goals for Ilan's work are:

Ilan will engage in various activities to support those goals, such as:


[discussion of timing. Better to do it in April/May? Feb/March? How many hours to use?]

What about test cases?

We can harvest those early. There's existing prior art. Someone needs to polish up our existing testing setup for resolver tests.

Other potential sources:

How about we ask him to do ~35 hours of test case development in February?

Let him write them in his own format? Then port our existing tests (there are not that many) to his format?

And perhaps the pipeline/process improvement as well

- Write new tests? Improve/better testing setup/infrastructure?

Then ~35 hours reserved for April/May testing and discussion

Overall timeline

What is realistic to get done between now and the end of May?

[discussion of a contractual timeline]

MOSS-funded developer


Continue refactoring existing build logic - split between 2 MOSS-funded developers

User types to consider:

Do test infrastructure building in March?

What if we have a few hours of conversation in February with Ilan to get formats decided on, so Ilan's work doesn't need to be converted?

"alpha" - how will we do that?

experimental flag? git tags? prereleases?

We haven't had a lot of luck getting people to test prereleases in the past; it is worth getting precommitments

the pip 10 release (we were pulling internals away from user) - we publicized to mailing lists

Suggestion: do it like we did for PyPI -- outside packaging community, like on podcasts

CZI-funded (Pradyun's) work

By April:

Combination of CZI & other hours: Consider him working something like 3/4 time between now and end of Feb, and full-time March-May

From the proposal: "We aim to get pip's resolver feature prepared for release in pip 20.2 in July. (Per the quarterly release cadence for pip, unforeseen difficulties may delay till 20.3 in the next quarter.)" This still feels realistic to everyone in the call.

PyPI does not have excellent metadata, and the pip resolver dealing with bad metadata .... would be difficult.



Others (Pradyun and Paul):

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