Prioritize Warehouse & OTF work

Meeting on Thursday, 29 August 2019


What can we actually finish by September 30th? And within remaining budget?

Imperative: Up to date Invoices to close month

In scope?

Stopping work on security milestone

Outside of OTF-scoped work: ToB intern will be working on security items (API tokens, events)

Sumana's OK with leaving this as beta and concentrating on accessibility and localisation.

Sumana to announce WebAuthn & API tokens to Announce mailing list


We are confident we will complete this in Sept

Localization: how far can we get? milestone

Individual tasks we need to do:

When can we start recruiting translators? mid-September?

Suggestion: once we are set up with many localized messages on the translation platform, reach out to French community


Let's aim to submit invoices on 1 September

To Do

* Ernest to reach out to Weblate

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