Warehouse Sync-up Meeting

Monday, 2 April, 2018


Blocked/working on/announcements






Proposed April schedule

Context: we have very few open issues blocking us from launching/redirecting and shutting down legacy, and want to shut down legacy this month so we have a few days in early May to fix things while we're still available, pre-PyCon, have budget, etc. And Ernest is unavailable this week so we should not launch/redirect this week.

  1. Sunday April 8th: TLS 1.0/1.1 removal https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/3411

  2. Monday April 9th: a one-time mass email to all PyPI publishers who haven't published a new release since July 1 2017, telling them: [we don't have in-PyPI infrastructure for sending emails to subsets of users (check with Ernest?) - let's draw a tighter box around dates, only emailing publishers who HAVEN'T published a release since mid-2017 but HAVE published a release in the past several years - discuss specific daterange on IRC

    1. we're in beta
    2. migration instructions in case they're having problems
    3. upcoming IRC/Twitter livechats (we would set up new ones)
    4. get on pypi-announce for more announcements
  3. Monday April 9th: give sponsors the one-week notice that we're launching [we absolutely need all sponsor logos by this date]

  4. April 9-15: deal with reports from those maintainers, finish beta.
  5. Monday April 16: launch/redirect.
  6. Monday April 30: shut down legacy.

There's a request from JFrog to postpone redirect to 22nd -- but they can use the User-Agent redirect exclusion from legacy until we shut down Legacy, so they should be fine.


Group approved this plan. Updated the Warehouse roadmap.

Ask Donald for

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Issue triage


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