Warehouse core developers' meeting

Monday, 19 March, 2018


Reschedule Monday March 26 meeting?

No, don't reschedule. Nicole unavailable; Dustin can join

Working on/blocked/announcements

Reminder: last week of March & first week of April, lots of unavailability

* Sumana:







Followup from past meetings

Mark, Ernest & Donald: When can we announce [redacted] credits?

Mark: grant proposals for future grants?

Sumana: talk with Eric about sponsorship outreach & future fundraising - cc Betsy

Nicole & Ernest: ask volunteer contributors for more code review? (Dustin scaling back on PR review)

Nicole: how much Nicole time left on grant?

Mark: PEP 541? (addressing) Mark: Open Tech Fund?

Beta & redirect schedule

* Should the China CAPTCHA issue be in our beta milestone? https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/3174

Who wants to review announcements Sumana writes this week?

Who's available & interested in being on podcasts in April?

Bug triage

* Set samesite=lax on session cookies #3221 https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/3221

should Warehouse guard against people uploading broken-description wheels made with an old version of wheel? https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/3084

#3275 Artifactory https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/3275

Design question for Nicole on ISO dates https://github.com/pypa/warehouse/issues/3010

Ask Donald for:

nothing this week


* Ernest: DI, Mark, Donald logins for Cabotage/Tectonic

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